BoxTop Deadline – December 9th

Thanks to all who have continued to send in boxtops! Another contest deadline is coming! Please turn in your boxtop sheets by Monday, December 9. The class with the most boxtops will get a special treat.

A few quick reminders – make sure that the boxtops have not expired, and do not attach bonus boxtops to the sheet (please put them in an envelope with the teacher’s name).  Do not put more than 50 boxtops on the sheet – an additional sheet is attached in case you need one.  Remember that boxtops that are not attached to a sheet will not be credited to a class, they will be considered general donations.

Don’t forget you can earn boxtops by shopping on-line. As the holidays approach, make sure you check out to earn boxtops when you shop at stores such as Kohls, Target, Toys R Us, and Lands End!


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