5th Grade Marcy “Charity Water” Project

Beginning March 17th to March 28th, the fifth grade classes will be collecting money for Charity Water.  This organization’s mission is to bring clean and safe drinking water to every person in the world.   Part of the fifth grade Social Studies curriculum includes studies related to Africa, Latin America and Asia.  We are so excited to see if they can meet and/or  exceed their fundraising goal of $500.

They would love your support for this great cause and for you to spread the word to family and friends.  Let’s help build a well in a needy area of the world!

How Can I Donate?  Go to  http://mycharitywater.org/liquid-luck

Or – send a check to school made out to Charity Water.  Put MYCW-S-51415-182963 in the memo line so it can be tracked to the correct campaign.

If each student at Marcy school donates just $1, the 5th graders will PASS their goal!  Stay tuned to find out how they do!

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