Details and Donations for Marcy Staff Appreciation Week: May 12-16

Help us celebrate our favorite superheroes… the teachers and staff at Marcy! May 12-16 we will celebrate Staff Appreciation Week and feature food and gifts expressing our thanks to the Marcy staff for another fantastic year of working with our children.

Monday: Bionic Breakfast

Tuesday: Wear your favorite superhero shirt or be a super sidekick and wear your teacher’s favorite color. Print and fill out the attached “I think you are super” page and present it to your teacher. I think you are super printout

Wednesday: Super Snacks

Thursday: Help your teacher feel like a hero! Bring in a small treat: favorite snack, supplies for the classroom, small gift card, etc.

Friday: Ultimate Superhero Lunch (Catered by Ally’s Bistro and provided by Marcy PTO)

Most of the planning is already done, but we need items donated. If you can bring food or drinks Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, please visit the signup genius link below. (Delivery times and details are included in the Sign-Up Genius link.)

Questions? Contact Marie Palmer 262-719-4761

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