Book Fair Starts Next Week!

Hopefully your kids are coming home excited for the book fair next week! It’s a week of fun activities and events to get our kids excited about reading and all the proceeds from the book fair go right back into books at school for our kids! Attached to this email are documents with all the information to navigate the week.  Here are a few highlights:

Volunteers are still needed.  Donuts with Dad and the Family Night still have a big need for volunteers.  Perhaps you could tag team with a neighbor to help with childcare so that one of you could help with one of the events or an after school shift to run the fair?

All For Books.  Please consider donating $1 for this great program.  The money donated goes back to Marcy but then Scholastic matches those donations for some great causes.  All For Books 2014 Letter

All For Books Slips 2014

Donuts with Dad – Wednesday Morning. Please RSVP by Monday for this event.  Here is an extra form if you didn’t receive the one that was sent home. Donuts with Dad 2014 If you are able to help transport coffee from the Starbucks at Pilgrim and Appleton at 6:30 a.m. on Wednesday, please contact Anita Gupta.

Any other information you should need about activities during the week is in this Book Fair Info Sheet 2014  *Please notice that if you are sending more than $20 with your child to spend at the book fair, they need to have a written note from you that the money is intended for the book fair.*

Thanks for all you do to support Marcy’s students and staff!

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