Parking for the Carnival and Fundraiser

In order to provide the safest experience for everyone attending the Carnival and Fundraiser on Friday, the Menomonee Falls Police Department will be blocking off Marcy Road from all parking (both sides of the street) on Friday, March 6. This will leave minimal parking in the Marcy Parking Lot. We have arranged with the Kohl’s Corporation to “borrow” one of their parking lots and will be offering a complimentary shuttle to and from Marcy.

• Shuttle bus riders will each receive a FREE prize ticket to enter the drawing for a big carnival prize box!

• Shuttle Location: Kohl’s Corporate Offices N56W17000 Ridgewood Drive, Parking Lot G

Carnival Parking

• Shuttle Times:

Pick Up at Kohl’s Parking Lot G-look for the signs and balloons:
 5:00pm
 5:20pm
 5:40pm
 6:00pm
 6:45pm
 7:30pm
Pick Up at Marcy Office Doors:
 7:00pm
 7:40pm
 8:00pm
 8:20pm
 8:40pm
 9:00pm
 9:20pm

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