Workroom Volunteers Needed

Would you like to help out at Marcy without making a large commitment?  The Marcy Workroom might be the perfect place!  You can help the teachers by assisting with copying, cutting, gluing, sorting, and other projects.  It’s an easy way to help out so the teachers can spend more of their time interacting with our precious kids!  You can volunteer once a week, once every other week or once a month.  You have the flexibility to come in any time during the day and volunteers usually stay about an hour but the timing is flexible.  The teachers truly appreciate any help that can be given so please consider giving us a bit of your time!  If you are not familiar with the copier, someone will meet you on your first day to train you on what you need.  Also, if you can recruit a friend to come in with you, that makes it more fun because you can chat while you work!   Younger siblings are allowed to join you if you feel they can color or do another activity at a table in the workroom.  Also, volunteering in the workroom is a great way to get to know the teachers, other Marcy parents and make a quick visit with your kids when they are at lunch or on their way to specials!

 If you are able to give a bit of your time to help out the teachers, please fill out the form below with the day of the week that you would prefer and how often you are available to volunteer.  Thanks in advance!

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