Amazon Wish Lists for Holiday Gifts

As the holidays approach and you’d like to express gratitude to the Marcy teachers in the form of a gift, consider using the Amazon Wish Lists that many of them have set up.  You can either search for “Marcy PTO” under “Find a Wish List” on  Or, just use this link:

The teachers that have submitted a list can be found on the left-hand side.  Click on that teacher’s name and you will see their individual list.  You may notice that some of the teachers who reach the whole school (“specials” teachers, guidance, etc.) have submitted lists as well.  If you order from directly, those items will automatically be removed from their list.  Your name, however, as the gift giver will not automatically be added to the gift order; so be sure to write a little note to the teacher with your name if it’s not your intention to give anonymously.

The PTO hopes that these lists are helpful to you during the holidays!

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