Staff appreciation week update 2019!

Marcy’s Staff Appreciation Week is next week.

Everyone seems to have a song that best represents their life—including our Marcy Rockstars. Using the link below and based on what you know about our teachers or staff members, what Marcy Rockstar do you and your child think best represents each song title? Please submit your answers by Monday, March 4th. Personalized awards will be presented to the winning Marcy Rockstars during Staff Appreciation Week.

There are still a few slots available in the Sign-Up Genius for you, if you wish to participate by providing your time or treats to make our teachers and staff members like rockstars next week. Thank you in advance to everyone for their help in making it another great week.

As a reminder, your child is encouraged to bring a “Shout-Out” for their teacher and staff members on Tuesday, March 5th. It can be a card, a note, a picture, or any other special message. Students are also invited to bring in a little something to help fill their teacher’s and staff members’ swag bags on Thursday, March 7th.

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