November SCRIP Order – 2019 Order Due TOMORROW!

Please consider buying scrip gift cards to help support Marcy School. It costs you no more to use these cards than it would if you used cash, and Marcy gets a percentage of whatever amount you purchase. Scrip orders are due Wednesday, November 6th, and will be delivered on November 13th.

One of our year-long fundraisers for the Marcy PTO is the sale of gift cards through a program called Scrip. The PTO earns a percentage of each gift card purchased through the program, on things that you would spend money on anyway. By simply planning ahead on everyday purchases like groceries, gas, restaurants, clothes, entertainment and home repair, the average family can contribute at least $11 a week to our PTO. That modest number adds up quickly – over $500 a year for an average family is not unusual. Some stores offer a rebate of up to 16%!!

Simply go to and use the code B31L5988519L.

Scrip now accepts credit card payments – Visa or MasterCard. Now you can buy Scrip cards and not worry about giving up points or cashback benefits on everyday purchases using your credit card. There is a 2.6% fee for Scrip purchases made with a credit card.

You can easily order your Scrip cards online! Families can register and place Scrip orders on their own.  Payments can be made either online by using PrestoPay (secure payments made through your checking account, just like paying a bill online), credit card, or by sending a check to Marcy School (made out to Marcy PTO). Sign up for PrestoPay on the website.

You can also re-load your current cards online. No more waiting for a new gift card delivery. Your reload will be automatically processed by the next business day with no waiting.

To see what scrip is all about, and to get the answers to your questions please log in to Click on any of the links on the page, and be sure to check out the User Guide & FAQ. If you have any further questions, contact your Scrip Coordinator, Michelle Burmeister,

Scrip gift cards are also available for purchase by filling out the order form here and sending it to school with a check if you prefer not to order online.

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