Volunteers needed

The Marcy PTO is looking for essential volunteers:

The Marcy PTO is looking for essential volunteers to help support the teachers this year. Only essential volunteers will be allowed in the building at this time to help keep the staff and children safe.  Masks will be required and set schedules will be used so staff can keep track of who is in the building.  Volunteers will need to remain in the area they are volunteering in.  Please do not bring younger children in when volunteering.  Thank you for your understanding!

The areas we are looking for volunteers in are:  workroom, health room and library.  Health room volunteers will not have contact with children with COVID  symptoms.  We are also looking for a health room coordinator who will organize volunteers in the health room and volunteer in the health room as well.

Please contact Melissa Petrie at mpetrie3247@yahoo.com or 414-526-0391 if interested in volunteering.

Other open positions for the 20-21 school year are:  silent auction/raffle coordinator, carnival chair (will need to commit for 21-22 school year as well) and Vice President.  Please contact Melissa if you are interested in these positions as well.

Again, Marcy couldn’t be as amazing as it is without our fantastic parent volunteers so thank you to everyone!

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