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April, 2021 

Dear Marcy Elementary Home and School,

I would like to thank you for being a sponsor of Hamilton Connects. With your help we have had another successful year albeit a very different one. Unlike in past years we were not able to offer any in-person programs. In place of that we partnered with REDgen to provide online opportunities for parents. In addition, we sent out monthly information on various parenting topics. 

The planning has already started and we are crossing our fingers that presentations will be in person. To date we have commitments for the following presentations:

  • Dr. Mazius: Helping our kids exercise self control and SOAR post COVID
  • Dr. Amanda Heins: A mini forum of Roger’s Parent University – Giving parents tools to help their children as they confront stress in their lives
  • Dr. Matt Jandrisevits: Raising Successful Children
  • Helen Wasmer: Wisconsin Department of Justice, Division of Criminal Investigation – The negative and dangerous impact of technology
  • Kristin Hasbrook: Parenting with Love and Logic
  • Diane Sutrick: Learning how to meditate practicing Nidra Yoga
  • Dr. Jacobi: What anxiety is and how to help your child succeed
  • Cheryl Johnson: Youth Mental Health First Aid training for all adults.
  • Brad Baldridge: Taming the high cost of college

And more to come…….

The Hamilton School District initiated Hamilton Connects in 2004 in cooperation with community parents to help district families build on their skills and knowledge about raising productive, successful children. The parent presentations are well-advertised to all district parents and hundreds of individuals who have signed on to get Hamilton Connects email messages.

A commitment for the 2022-22 school year is needed by May. Your name and logo will be displayed on EVERY email that goes out which adds up to more than 50,000 impressions over the course of the year. The basic contribution is $300 to cover the speaker fee for one of the 10-12 presentations we hold each year. Organizations and businesses that provide greater financial sponsorship will have proportionally bigger and more prominent logo placement.

Not only will your sponsorship provide visibility for your organization among parents, employees and community members in the Hamilton School District, you can be assured that your investment is good for our community. In the last five years, thousands of parents have been supported through Hamilton Connects guest speaker presentations, parenting classes, parent support groups, staff in-services and parent advice columns in school newsletters. Evaluations from such activities show that participants have high satisfaction with the quality of Hamilton Connects programming.

Studies show that parental involvement is a wise investment that pays off far in excess of its costs. Consider the following:

  • Students perform better when families and communities work together with schools.
  • Rates of retention, remediation, suspension and expulsion are much lower when parents monitor their children’s progress.
  • Students with involved parents display more academic motivation than peers with less-involved parents, and communication can be key in keeping kids in school.

Establishing a well-informed safety net of community members, parents and school staff who support children is the goal of Hamilton Connects. I hope you can be part of this effort. Please contact me at (262) 246-1973 x1128 or email me at if you would like to discuss the details. 

If you are willing to continue to support this program with your $300 donation please reach out!

Thank you, in advance, for your continued support, 

Kristin Hasbrook
School Counselor | AODA Support Counselor | Hamilton Connects Coordinator

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