Outdoor Classroom Needs

Team Leaders

Education Naturally needs your continued support. We are looking for additional Outdoor Classroom team leaders to help with various organizing roles. If you are interested in helping at any level, please submit the form below and someone will contact you.

Garden Team Leader: The Garden Team Leader is responsible for organizing bi-weekly or monthly workdays in the outdoor classrooms to keep the landscaping and benches maintained and inviting. This person will oversee a team taking care of: Weeding the landscaping beds, Trimming the grass under the benches, Maintaining walkways and paths, Trimming plants, Mulching the beds as needed. (Additional parents needed to be part of this team: 5-10)

Curriculum Team Leader: The Curriculum Team Leader will work with teachers and parents to gather materials to make the use of the outdoor classrooms easy for teachers, and communicate to all of the teachers exactly what materials are available. (This team will need 3-4 additional parents that are available to work alongside Marcy teachers, gathering curriculum from online resources.)

Events Team Leader: The Events Team Leader will work with a team of volunteers to host a family-friendly event in the outdoor classrooms. (Additional parents needed to be part of this team: 2-3)

Fill out and submit this form. Thank you!

Trouble submitting the form? Just email the above information to marcypta1@gmail.com. Thank you!